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Absolute Barbecue,Metropolitian Mall, Gurugram

Absolute Barbecue

The success of barbeque buffet restaurants has spun off many clones, and this one located at MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurugram.

Absolute Barbecue – Decor

The breathtaking scents of Absolute Barbecues or AB, India’s first on-demand grill restaurant, will take you far before entering the dimly lit smoke restaurant. With seven tables that are very close to each other and a large area with dim lighting inside, there is a sense of entry into a busy American dinner. Four counters – grilling desires, bar, dessert counter and main course – are pleasing and the rush of waiters and customers increases the liveliness of the restaurant. Conversations and music are constantly resonant, which is positive and trendy. Various barbeque grills displayed at the entrance in case you want to restore this experience at home. From the inside comes the smell of smoke as a prelude to the holiday to follow.

Varieties of food at this buffet restaurant

Absolute Barbecue goes one step further by offering a menu with exotic meats. The “wish” grill is a pulsing counter rather than a grill and offers options such as rabbit, emu, quail, octopus, shark and octopus. The vegetarian repertoire fades in comparison to non-vegetarian. Yes, there is also a mirror. The smaller grill on the table has regular meat and vegetables cooked on skewers, and some appetizers are plated and served. The pre-marinated shrimp had a fresh smell, and it took us several attempts to timed. Achari Paneer Tikka, Harey Mutter Ki Tikki, American Cheesy Potatoes and others were delicious. Sikhari Gosht was our choice for the main course because it attracted our attention by its bright reddish colours, and it had a good taste. We loved Anguri Gulam Jamun, Caramel Cheesecake and Kashmiri Phirni from the dessert section.


Service is swift, courteous, friendly and helpful. Starters keep coming to the table in quick succession, and the waiting staff is always happy to answer your queries.

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