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Best Places To Eat In Darjeeling

best places to eat in darjeeling

In Darjeeling, one must see the sunrise on Tiger Hill, tourist cruises, including blue powder heritage dust, people watching the mall and therefore the rising eloquence over the snowy peaks in Kanchenjunga. Things on your list. But did you recognize that you simply can start a real culinary journey? additionally, to the colonial era dishes, some restaurants with a really low surface offer some Tibetan, Chinese and Nepalese foods, in many of which the standard of the food meets its apparent lack of atmosphere. Most restaurants are scattered along Nehru Road / Gandhi Road, near the central shopping mall or Chowrasta. Here is our list of best places to eat in Darjeeling.

List of Best Places To Eat In Darjeeling


Keventers, one among Darjeeling’s oldest restaurants, is understood for its English breakfast. The outdoor terrace on the primary floor offers panoramic views of the environment, including the majestic snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga on a transparent day. When you’re in Darjeeling, tea maybe a drink of your choice. But at Kev’s, you’ll start with a cup of hot chocolate. one among the foremost ordered dishes a meat dish that contains sausages, meatloaf, salami and bacon and eggs. confine mind that a loaded dish can become a burden if you’re a private traveller or a little diner. One of the best places to eat in Darjeeling.

Sonam’s kitchen
Amazing breakfast at Sonam’s Kitchen will last you all day, especially if you’re on a city tour. a number of the favourite dishes on offer are cheese toast, scrambled eggs, masala omelette, potato croquettes, etc. one among its main dishes is that the pancake, especially the lemon pancake and therefore the honey and banana pancake with a couple of dried fruits.

The restaurant looks great and limited seating, but the dishes of the tastiest Chinese and Tibetan dishes swear by visitors. Located accessible of a cabstand and remains very crowded. Then it’s correct if you would like a seat from the start. The offer is exhaustive. the foremost ordered meals include chicken momo, pork waiwai (noodles) and fresh pork (with steamed rice). This is too one of the best places to eat in Darjeeling.

Frank Ross Cafe
If you’re a vegetarian, attend Frank Ross Café (next to the pharmacy). they need a reasonably extensive menu, which incorporates Indian dishes and pieces of Italian and Mexican dishes.

Dekevas inside the Hotel Dekeling, eclipsed by its hottest neighbour, the Kunga Restaurant, generally remains intact. However, the taste of the food features a homely feeling. they provide basic dishes like Chinese fried rice, then thus, sweet and sour pork, etc. If you’re trying to find a speciality from this Tibetan family restaurant, choose hot momo and thukpa.

If you’re trying to find something exotic, try Revolver and its Naga cuisine. However, remember that this must be requested beforehand. one among the simplest options is to order a base dish and mix it with dishes like pork with dried bamboo shoots, fish in fermented bamboo shoots, smoked pork, etc. It also serves Nepalese dishes.

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