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Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Lockdown Recipe Cookbook

Chocolate Mug Cake

Ingredients-Chocolate Mug Cake

1. Flour(Maida) – Two Tablespoons
2. Cocoa Powder- Two Tablespoons
2. Milk – Two Tablespoons
3. Sunflower oil- Two Tablespoons
4. Sugar – Three Tablespoons
5. Baking Powder – Half Teaspoon
6. Crushed Walnuts – Four Teaspoons
7. Jam – 1 Tablespoon

How to prepare Chocolate Mug Cake?

  1. To begin making the Microwave Mug Cake Recipe, first mix the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder in a mixing bowl and add  walnuts Mix well, once done set aside.

  2. Next, add the milk, fruit jam and oil to a mixing bowl and stir it well till into the other mixture till no lumps remain.

  3. Now, take a microwave-safe mug and pour the mixture into them.

  4. Next, place the mug in the center of the microwave and cook it on high for 1 minute each, and again for 8 seconds if required.

  5. Once cooked, take the mug out of the microwave and allow it rest for a minute. Microwave Mug Cake is ready.

  6. You can serve the Microwave Mug Cake to children as an instant, quick-fix dessert. Add a scoop of ice cream and some other sweet savories  to make the Mug Cake even more indulgent.

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