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Gosht Gulfam Recipe By Chef Sunil Soni

Gost Gulfam

Gosht Gulfam is boneless mutton with brown gravy and garnished with stuffed morels. This is a unique creation by Corporate Executive Chef Sunil Soni.

Gosht Gulfam Ingredients

  1. Mutton (Boneless) – 1 Kg
  2. Paneer (Grated)- 100 Grams
  3. Onion Paste – 100 Grams
  4. Tomatoes(Diced) – 100 Grams
  5. Salt for seasoning – 20 Grams
  6. Red Chili Powder- 12 Grams
  7. Refined Oil – 80 ml
  8. Ginger Paste – 40 Grams
  9. Garlic Paste – 40 Grams
  10. Fresh Coriander- 15 Grams
  11. Green Chili – 10 Grams
  12. Pista – 50 Grams
  13. Almond – 25 Grams
  14. Morels – 20 Grams
  15. Mace Powder – 3 Grams
  16. Pepper Powder- 10 Grams
  17. Cinnamon Powder – 10 Grams

How to make Gosht Gulfam


De-bone the leg or shoulder, spread and flatter completely like a sheet leaving the back bone.


  1. In a bowl mix grated cheese, almonds, pistachio, morels, seasoning with salt, pepper, half hot red chillies, garam masala, ginger garlic paste and 30 ml of cream.
  2. Mix to a paste seasoned to taste, with a knife spread the stuffing mixture on the lamb leg evenly and roll it like swiss roll using kitchen thread and make a knot.
  3. Place the lamb leg on a breached roasting tray, sprinkle over with salt,  little bit of garam masala, chilli powder & oil crushed bay leaf
    , crushed cardamom cinnamon powder.
  4. Add 300-400 ml of water on the chicken stalk and cook in pre-heated oven for 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  5. Baste it for every 15- 20 minutes after that remove it when completely cooked.
  6. Strain the entire gravy from the roasting and reduce on slow heat till you get 120 ml semi thick rich sauce.
  7. Next, Heat oil and add onions, remaining ginger garlic paste, diced tomatoes, garam masala and mace powder and seasoned to taste.
  8. After that, add the sauce and cook 2-3 minutes, keep it hot and remove the thread and pour the entire hot sauce and serve immediately.

About Corporate Executive Chef Sunil Soni

  • Chef Sunil Soni was born and brought up in New Delhi, and did his initial culinary training at Taj Hotel. Always keen on travelling and exploring different cuisines he went to Singapore early in his career and learned oriental cuisine.
  • He started his own venture “Starwood Hotel in Kuwait and it became a popular place for both locals as well as Indians to eat.
  • Chef Soni has always been intrigued by the royal cuisine of Awadh and revived it in USA.
  • In the USA his biryani techniques were featured in a short film produced in collaboration with Boston University, MA.
  • He was featured in a famous TV show ‘Phantom Gourmet’ in Boston USA. His restaurants were consistently Zagat rated for consequent years and featured in as ‘Best of Boston’ frequently.

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