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Lotan Chole Kulche | Street Food| Chawri Bazar

Lotan Chole Kulche


Lotan Chole Kulche Set in the interiors of Delhi 6, in the “Bhool Bhulaiya ” of small corridors is a person sitting with an assortment of spices around him -busy mixing his art in a big container encircled by the local crowd, street food lovers savouring every bite of it. He(Mahaveer) scoops out chole(chickpeas) from a big copper container, tops it up with aloo and spice(one can opt for less/ medium/extra spicy).

Mahaveer then – adds a spoonful of aamchur-chutney(dry mango dip), a sprinkle of garam masala and then garnishes it with hara dhanya (coriander)and mooli (white radish). This is then, served with a pair of fluffy kulcha(fluffy flatbread). Along with spicy chole kulche, this street food vendor also serves Chana soup(Chickpea Soup), with a butter cube added giving an extra flavour to it.

For those who love a spicy meal, this is as good as it gets… The medium one is spicy enough, and the hot one is a must try for all those who can bear a heavy dosage of red chillis. The dish is extraordinary, and a cube of butter makes it even better.

Though there is no sitting arrangement, yet one can spot a fairly large number of people waiting patiently for this delicious chole kulche serving.

Address– 2363, Chatta Shahji, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi 6

Time-7AM-10/10.15 AM


How to reach Lotan Chole Kulche?

Lotan Google Map
Take an exit from Gate Number 3 of Chawri Bazar Metro Station

By Metro

1 Deboard at Chawri Bazar Metro Station(YellowLine)

2 Take an exit from the “Gate Number 3

3 Walk straight towards Barshah Bulla Chowk(meeting point of Nai Sarak Road) for about five mins.

4 After reaching the meeting point, one will notice a V road

5 Take the left of V(\) and ask anybody… Don’t take a right (/) that would lead to Jama Masjid.

By Car

As Delhi 6 is a crowded area, we recommend everyone to park the vehicle at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station(Yellow Line) and then take a Rapid Transit to Chawri Bazaar.

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