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Margaret’s Deck Tea Lounge Kurseong | Cafe For Tea Lovers

Margaret's Deck
Margaret's Deck

Kurseong always lived within the shadow of his most famous sister, Darjeeling, considered the queen of the hills. Kurseong, which accurately means the land of white orchids, has always been a fast stop for momo bites and tea sips for tourists heading to Darjeeling.

But now there is a difference, enter Margaret’s Deck, an exclusive tea lounge. Margaret’s Deck is an initiative of Goodricke Tea Pot at the Margaret Hope tea garden in Kurseong.

Margaret's Deck: A Place For Tea Enthusiast

Margaret’s Deck located  hundred meters north of Tung Station on the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR). The tea lounge structure look like a ship deck that gives a 270 degree view of the hills of the Margaret Hope garden.

The plantation of the Margaaret Hope garden dates back to 1862, when it had been referred to as Chota Ringtong (some say Bada Ringtong). Mr. Cruickshank along with his daughter Youg fell crazy with the luxurious green hills and therefore the winding streets of the tea house.

The Margaret deck consists of two parts, a lobby and a restaurant with open kitchen. There was alittle exit within the lobby where visitors could devour exotic tea packages.The lobby with interesting tea posters is a lounge and also an area for tea tasting for special guests.

The small tea room features a capacity of roughly 30 seats, including an outside section with a capacity of 10. it’s located next to the railroad track tracks of the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad (DHR), and if you’re lucky you’ll see  train round the Margaret’s Deck.

They offer food items that can’t be easily found. There are no momos and thupkas on the list.

For tea its a total local affair. Different varieties of Darjeeling Tea are on the top of the list. First flush, second flush, monsoon flush and exotic muscatel tea are very much in demand.

Assam Tea is additionally on the list, alongside a spread of flavoured and mixed teas. Margaret’s Deck also serve spread of teas and, once the bar’s license is issued, plans to form a spread of tea cocktails. The menu is serpentine and exotic teas are complemented by a spread of cakes and cookies. tea cookies are absolute, you must try. Croissants, quichy, grilled fish, biscuits, biscuits and cheesecakes also can be combined with differing types of teas.

Margarte’s Deck also serves English breakfast with sausages and bacons.
Lunch and dinner are light and contains three dishes. It consists of several soups like mushroom soup.Main course consists of several options, like shepherds pie and stuffed chicken. Dessert options are Soufflé, Trifle and Caramel Custard.

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