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Noida Social |DLF Mall Of India

noida social

Social is one among most happening hangout places to enjoy a relaxed evening together with your loved ones over an ideal glass of wine and a few good food. This is a brand with which we are all familiar and foodies love this place  when it comes to light continental food and a good selection of drinks.

Social has opened it’s new outlet at DLF Mall of India Noida! Based on the concept of “one-screen theatre”, Noida Social is an ode to single-screen theatres and classic Bollywood cinema. Noida Social is as exciting as its other outlets within the city, right from its fine attention to detail in its beautiful interiors, late 80’s club-style sitting and one outdoor seating opening bent the mall has successfully added a laid back, relaxed vibe to the otherwise urban feel of DLF Mall of India.

Noida Social - List of DishesTo Try Out

The food at Noida Social is commendable. Noida Social, a beautiful mix of continental, Asian, Italian and North Indian affairs, has to taste all the food there is. Check out their new offers.

While the crispy corn soup, the Achaari Paneer Tikka, the avocado social toast, the shredded lamb Samosa and the chaat gubbare are some of the best options for quick-bites, the plate of wings, the chicken dish Momos and the Killa Kulcha Thali, are some of the best options of the main dishes that one should not miss in this gastronomic journey.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka Pizza deserves special mention here. The generous layers of the cheeses were soft and clogged, just like you want pizza. The meat and the cover were good enough for the food to fill the heart.

To finish the amazing meal, we tried one of the chef’s recommendations in the Dessert section – Filtered caramel cream – Mushroom caramel cream with butter filter coffee. The dessert had a festive feeling that all coffee lovers would enjoy, especially in the winter months.


Overall, Noida Social offers an incredible culinary experience that will keep you coming back for its uniqueness and firm focus on the quality of the ingredients and the taste. Consider it an ideal place to spend Saturday night. We are impressed and we bet you will like it too.

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