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Ricos Cafe In GTB Nagar| Top 10 Cafes In Delhi


Ricos is in GTB Nagar and it’s name  appears in the 10 most popular cafes. Staying in line with the market, the food is well priced and has a large selection of menu items, ranging from hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, Mexican and continental dishes to suit the growing taste buds of young enthusiasts. dishes in the field.

The atmosphere of this café, located on the first floor, is quite pleasant with a wooden motif. They have high and low seats and the space has been well used to give it a cozy atmosphere. I could listen to groups at other tables to see a cricket game, or friends here to celebrate a birthday, a place for couples to settle and chat, or even someone sitting alone with some strong milkshakes and good book; The site seemed to serve all these purposes well!
The place is very popular and I was told that they have long rows of people waiting outside for more than an hour to enter.

Must Try At Ricos

  1. Cheese fingers with chili: when they say cheese fingers, they promise them to serve filled with cheese. When you open it, strands of molten cheese come out. It has a nice crunchy exterior and is served with a good dip.
  2. Shrimp Panko – shrimp were fried, crispy and covered with spices.
  3. BBQ Chicken tender: the chicken was very well prepared and soaked with a sweet and sticky barbecue sauce.
  4. Pork ham with chili: the hamburger was excellent in size and served with fries, coleslaw and 2 sauces. I had a thick pie inside a bed of salad and sliced tomatoes. Generally it tasted good, but somehow I felt that the chili factor was missing.
Ricos have a large variants of delicious soft drinks and cocktails. The things that caught our attention were the Black Mamba that would keep you guessing the ingredients they say … it’s true … but it was refreshing because I could taste the lemonade and Jal jeera mixed … try the same yourself ! The milk shakes we tried were versions of the Red Velvet and Blueberry cheesecake, both of which were an exciting taste, but seemed to have a slightly diluted taste as they enjoyed more vanilla ice cream. The peach ice tea was a bit strong and had a bit bitter taste. Orange mimosa was a fun and spicy drink. 

Save your appetite because this is where Ricos  shines. They are rich, decadent, charged and pleased the crowd. They have an offer of bakery desserts where you can buy one and get one for free … whatever they steal!

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