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Simple Guidance For You In Vietnam


Vietnam is located on the eastern Indochinese Peninsula between the latitudes 8° and 24°N, and the longitudes 102° and 110°E. It covers a total area of approximately 331,212 km2. It is the land of astounding natural beauty and cultural associations, dynamic megacities and hamlets on the hills.

Sensory Overloaded

One will have unforgettable experiences everywhere in Vietnam. There’s the awe-inspiring: staring at the surrealist seaside panorama of limestone islands from the deck of traditional waste in Halong Bay. The ridiculous thing is it takes 10 minutes just across the street through a motorcycle in Hanoi. The Exciting part is to explore the world’s most sensational cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

The Antiquity and Culture of Vietnam

Vietnamese culture is complex, diverse and signifies something of history. The nation’s labyrinth, teeming with business districts, is rich in natural crafts and indicates centuries-old trade connections. Ancient temples depict dramatically Chinese influences in the North and Hindu origins in the south. Adding on , the broad, tree-lined avenues and large state structures that love the capital come from the French provincial period. It is also impossible to forget Vietnam’s key position near the epicentre of power and prosperity of the East Asian country, defined by groupings of glass and corporate corporations and luxury resorts for the city skyline.

Vietnamese food is the best in South East Asia

Above all in Southeast Asia, nothing really comes close to Vietnamese food, which is so delicious. Vietnamese cuisine is strangely soft in its taste and excellent in its diversity and is a fascinating attraction for tourists. Location plays a pivotal role, with Chinese flavours affecting the North, spice sparkling southern cuisine, and herbs and intricate central coastal techniques, well known as Vietnamese hot spot.

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