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Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019

Delhi, the capital of India, is a fantastic combination of old and new and young and old. On the one hand, it boasts of its modern infrastructure, and on the other hand, it boasts of heritage buildings and centuries-old epic monuments. With many options of food, fashion, shopping, art, education, the city is truly the heartbeat of the country in every sense. Although it may be, the city dwellers looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, once in a while. A weekend could be the right time for a quick break, visiting a new place outside the routine and returning everyone charged for days to come.

Here is our list of Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019:

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019- Under 200 Kilometers

Tijara Fort Palace, Alwar

Most heritage hotels in Alwar District are born with the beauty and treasures of history. Everyone offers a spacious dream site where you can have a peaceful weekend getaway from Delhi. Seven terraced gardens command a magnificent view above the tall ramparts that have now completed and restored. The gardens being compared to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and the ruins (now restored) to Machu Picchu!

Tijara Fort-Palace is an exclusive weekend getaway from Delhi. There are suites and rooms named after India’s leading painters, designers and aesthetes who have helped create them.
A-One night stay at this heritage resort will boost you to discover the unique heritage hotels in Alwar.

Neemrana, Rajasthan

The Neemrana Fort Palace is proud to be the premier legacy of the hotel in Rajasthan and also a unique Indian hotel. We have paid particular attention to ensuring that these time-recognized structures are restored and preserved with authenticity, to bring you back to the Middle Ages. Fantastic close to the Jaipur Highway, this stunning hotel is an ideal destination for your royal holiday in Jaipur. While it is to discover the absolute pleasure of viewing and visiting, Neemrana involves many steps and ramps to identify the 14tiered property.

While most Heritage centres near Delhi are born with the beauty and treasures of history, Neemrana offers a lively venue for magical weekend stays, banquets, celebrations and conferences. This historic 15th-century hotel in Rajasthan is one of the most popular resorts near Delhi for weekend breaks and is ideal for inventing your past in a dreamlike place of history.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi

Kuchesar. Uttar Pradesh

Kuchesar is a small village located in Bhawan Bahadur Nagar Mandal in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh and is 80 km from Delhi. It is known for the Mud Fort, built by the rulers of Jat in the mid-18th century. Kuchesar, with its village and mud fortress surrounded by vast green fields, is one of the most memorable weekends stays. Rao Raj Vilas, also known as the Kuchesar Fort, is an 8th-century fortress and a cultural centre created by the restoration of the family property of Ajit Singh belonging to the former princely state of Kuchesar.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019- Under 300 Kilometres

Dehradun, Uttarakhand 
Nestled in the middle of the Doon Valley in Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a top-rated mountain station that attracts individuals, families and couples. Dehradun boasts scenic surroundings of the Garhwal Himalayas and is located at 1,400 feet above sea level and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Whether one wants to explore tourist sites for families or try exciting adventure activities with your friends, Dehradun is the answer.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019

Jaipur, Rajasthan
Jaipur is a vibrant merger of old and new. Also called the Pink City, the capital of the royal state of Rajasthan, Jaipur was ruled by the Rajput kingdoms for centuries and developed as a planned city in the 17th century AD.

Together with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms the Golden Triangle, one of the most famous tourist circuits in the country. Jaipur is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar and is home to many magnificent forts, palaces, temples and museums.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019

Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

An ancient city in the state of Rajasthan, Jhunjhunu is one of the most progressive districts of the desert state. The empty havelis, a carefully carved architecture that the monuments proudly exhibit to tourists, has all the stories of exciting tourists, especially history enthusiasts. With the Aravali range protecting it in the southeast, the lush green valley also cares for tourists about its natural beauty. Each house has a story to tell, whether they are their brave sons, who have served the nation for years from the front, be they temples and holy places in the city.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi In September 2019

Bharatpur National Park, Rajasthan
Bharatpur National Park, now known as Keoladeo National Park, a famous shrine of avifauna and a paradise for bird watching on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Locally known as Ghana, it is a mosaic of dry grassland, forests, forest swamps and wetlands.

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